Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Long Dark Road Ahead

America is facing a long dark road, and all of it is downhill.

For those misguided Americans who voted for Barack Obama, here are a few things you have given your country over the next four years:

The death of the American coal industry by over-regulation is imminent. One fifth of all coal plants have closed already. We’ll probably lose the rest in four years. Enjoy the high electric bills.

Oil drilling on federal lands and offshore will continue to decline under Obama. He will place more roadblocks in front of the natural gas industry. But he will probably still give billions of your dollars to foreign nations to drill for oil.

He will waste more of your tax dollars on experimental green energy programs that are not yet technologically feasible. More of these companies will go bankrupt, but their executives – friends and supporters of Obama – will probably do just fine, taking with them whatever is left of your money.

General (or Government) Motors will send more of its production overseas. Seven out of ten GM cars are already made overseas. Obama sold Chrysler to an Italian company. The guy you voted for is not bringing jobs to America.

The implementation of Obamacare is now a sure thing. You think everyone is going to get cheap – or free - health coverage, but costs have already increased, many doctors are considering retiring early, death panels for grandma and grandpa will become a reality and you will be forced to pay for health insurance (or an IRS agent will come knocking at your door). Oh yeah, according to the Supreme Court, Obamacare is a tax which makes it the largest tax increase in American history. The next four years will probably mean the death of the American health insurance industry. After all, Obama did say in the past that his goal was a single payer system, i.e. government paid health insurance. Those of you who voted for Obama have virtually ensured that this will happen, and the access to decent health care will only decline.

Because of the increased regulations and taxes over the next four years, more companies will take their business overseas, increasing unemployment here. Enjoy your part-time job – if you can find one – because at least you’re working, right?

You have a commander-in-chief who refused to rescue his own ambassador and others during a terrorist attack in Libya. He instead blamed it on a video when he knew it had been a pre-planned attack. Then he flew to Las Vegas to campaign.

You have a commander-in-chief who allows Islamic terror groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to have access to the White House, the Pentagon and the CIA. This will not work out well in the end.

Your military will continue to shrink in size, even as the threats here and abroad increase. The salaries and benefits paid to active duty troops, retired military, and other veterans will be reduced. Considering the sacrifices they made for you, isn’t that a sad commentary on America?

There will likely be no stopping of the printing presses at the Treasury Department, or the computer generated money at the Federal Reserve. Every month, your dollars will be worth less and less. So enjoy the rising costs in food, energy and other necessities. After all, you asked for it.

Be prepared for a nuclear-armed Iran. Does anyone really believe Obama would ever take military action to prevent these Islamic fundamentalists from obtaining nuclear weapons?

Prepare for the erosion of your rights under the Second Amendment. Not only has Obama expressed his desire for stronger gun laws including the prohibition of many weapons, he will almost surely have the chance to appoint at least one left-wing Supreme Court justice (in addition to the two he already appointed). That will give the Court the votes it needs to take away most – if not all - of your gun rights. Good job liberal voters.

You think the immigration problem is bad now? Wait until the next four years have expired and we have millions more illegal immigrants. Who will pay for their health care? Who will pay the taxes they don’t pay? Who will pay to educate their kids? You will – along with the rest of us - because you voted for Obama.

Are you happy that your tax money will now go to pay for abortions and contraceptives for others, even if you are personally opposed to those things?

You have made sure that government health care regulations will outweigh the freedom of religion.

The rolls of food stamp recipients, welfare recipients, and unemployment recipients will continue to skyrocket because Obama will not fix the jobs problem. But once you wake up and realize the mistake you have made, it will be too late. By then, the majority of Americans will be getting free stuff, and they will want more and more and more. The “entitlement nation” mentality will begin to control every aspect of American life.

These are but a few of the things that your vote for Obama will bring to America. And if you want to see what the future really holds for you, look at Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, and the European Union in general. Socialism doesn’t work.

America, you took the wrong fork in the road when you reelected Barack Obama. And that road will be a long, dark, and very unpleasant journey.

For those of you who voted for Barack Obama, you will not only get what you asked for; you will also get what you deserve. It won’t be pretty, but it is surely going to hurt.

The America of our founders is slipping away…..

Charles M. Grist
Author of the award-winning book My Last War: A Vietnam Veteran's Tour in Iraq

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