Monday, March 4, 2013

Obama Doesn’t Care About You – Average People Are Only A Means To An End

The sequester fight now going on in Washington has offered an insight into Barack Obama and his real agenda.

The cuts that Obama proposed - but later criticized – are now in effect. Although they only amount to roughly two percent of the budget, defense will be affected the most. Perhaps seven percent of the defense budget will eventually be cut if nothing is done to prevent it.

To give the Department of Defense and other department heads a chance to avoid across-the-board cuts, the Republicans offered to give Obama the ability to shift funds from one program to another, something that is not possible under the current budget system.

Obama rejected the opportunity.

If Obama really cared about the average American he claims to represent, he would have seized the chance to make targeted cuts instead of across-the-board cuts. Uncover the waste, fraud, and abuse and eliminate those programs while protecting the ones that shouldn’t be hurt. But, no, “King” Obama didn’t want to do that. After getting massive tax increases on the wealthy in January, he still wants to punish success by taking more revenue from the job creators.

Now the “Fuehrer” has embarked on another anti-Republican campaign as he begins the Progressive Socialist (i.e. Democratic) struggle to take back the House of Representatives in 2014. Politics is more important than the welfare of the nation as a whole.

This is typical of Obama and the Progressive Socialists who support him. It is the agenda - his “soft” socialist revolution – that is more important than average people. We are, after all, only the “proletariats” or peasants. We are no more than tools to be used to implement his socialist revolution. This was the philosophy of Karl Marx in “The Communist Manifesto" and the system implemented by Vladimir Lenin in the Soviet Union and Chairman Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-tung) in China.

The Obama agenda requires the demonization of capitalism, the decapitation (financially) of successful Americans, the control of the means of production (such as farming, manufacturing, and energy) by dictatorial laws, regulations and executive orders, and the dependence of those “proletariats” on the government for their very survival.

Pretend all you want that Barack Obama is not a Marxist. His parents were Marxists, his grandparents were Marxists, and his mentor from childhood to college was a Marxist. He has even bragged about his relationships with Marxist professors in college. He has appointed people to high positions in his administration who have supported the socialist/Marxist ideology. And he has spent millions hiding his past and his college records from the prying eyes of the American people.

Those of you who elected Obama chose a man who is a gifted orator – like Hitler or Lenin or Mao – but who is really a man of little substance with a thin skin. Cross him and you will be targeted, vilified, and lied about. Even reporters from the left have felt the sting of the Obama hand across their face:


The Blaze
March 3, 2013

Bob Woodward’s alleged “threat” from the White House has touched off a storm of conservative support for the Washington Post editor, and has forced the Obama administration onto the defense. It also may have opened up a floodgate of information — information that suggests that, even if Woodward himself was not threatened or abused, other less venerable reporters have faced such treatment.

The future in America under Barack Obama is not a good one, but we squandered our best chance to change direction in November, 2012. The people who voted chose big government over individual opportunity and responsibility. The millions of apathetic people who decided not to vote chose the same thing.

After all, if you are not willing to participate in your government to defend your freedom, then you do not deserve to be free. Now those who voted for Obama - and those who didn't bother to vote - will get what they deserve.

The rest of us will get dragged into the pit with them.

Charles M. Grist

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