Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arming Terrorists – The Obama Way

When we heard that Obama had waived the law that prohibits our government from arming terrorist groups, we knew he wanted to provide weapons to the bad guys in Syria. And he is doing so right now. (Of course, those idiot Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham are okay with this.)

Now we learn that the arms he provided to Libyan rebels have been stolen by the most radical of those terrorist organizations. (You know, the same scumbags that killed our ambassador and three other Americans.)

Well done, Obama, well done. You were warned that you should not work with the Muslim Brotherhood and other bad guy Islamic radicals, but you do it anyway.

And while you do this, the American people doze off, get their new I-phones, buy the latest computer game, watch the Emmy awards, or search for the latest news on Miley Cyrus.

We have become a pitiful nation of uninformed sheep, lulled into passiveness by a mainstream media that has been taken over by the liberal/Progressive/Socialists in government.

America is in very deep trouble....

Fox News
September 25, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: The recent theft of massive amounts of highly sensitive U.S. military equipment from Libya is far worse than previously thought, Fox News has learned, with raiders swiping hundreds of weapons that are now in the hands of militia groups aligned with terror organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The equipment, as Fox News previously reported, was used for training in Libya by U.S. Special Forces. The training team, which was funded by the Pentagon, has since been pulled, partly in response to the overnight raids last August.

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Charles M. Grist

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