Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation - Perpetuating the Legacy

I recently received an email from Michael Caldwell, the Chief Operating Officer of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. He read the article I wrote on Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer and wanted to let me know about a new resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about the deeds and sacrifices of the great Americans who have been awarded our nation's highest award for valor.

I urge all of you to visit

Charles M. Grist

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Military News - The Latest In The War On Terror

Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Ground Missions - Fox News

The F35 Lightning II - F35 Website

First Navy SEAL to become Admiral dies at 93 - Navy Times

"Lone Survivor" Marcus Luttrell Remembers SEAL Killed in Yemen - Fox News Insider

20 Dead in suicide blast outside Afghan Supreme Court - CNN

Over Half of Navy's Fighters Are Unable to Fly - Popular Mechanics

Military Chiefs Warn of Force Readiness Struggles - Defense News

Putin Scrambles Russian Air Forces to Test Readiness - Military Times

Khamenei Tells Trump Iranian Response To Threats Coming Soon - Times of Israel

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"The Emperor's Cross" - Book 2 Of The Miles Cannon Mysteries - Available Now

The sequel to the award-winning mystery, The Perdiccas Scroll, is now available. Please check it out at, or at the Amazon page HERE.

In the latest adventure of Miles Cannon, the ex-cop and private investigator is still recovering from wounds he sustained as a soldier in Iraq. The widow of a British detective asks for his help when her husband is murdered in an old Spanish fort in Florida.

This dangerous investigation will put Miles' skills to the test as he deals with a new group of suspects, an attractive federal agent, and the international mystery of an ancient religious relic.

To survive, Miles will also need his abilities as a special operations combat veteran.