Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Terror Plots in London and Scotland

I hope Presidential candidate John Edwards has been watching the news when he’s not getting his hair done. Perhaps he will re-consider his comment that the war on terror is just a “bumper sticker”. (Photo above from Scottish television.)

Since our own law enforcement community has done such a good job of preventing terrorist attacks in America since 9/11, many of our fellow citizens have come to believe that the threat is essentially over as far as we are concerned. With these recent plots by likely Islamic militants who had murder on their minds, the concern of average folks around the world will hopefully be re-awakened.

Al Qaeda may or may not be the force behind the recent incidents in London and Scotland. All of the incidents seem to have been amateurish in nature – so far. Still, amateurs or not, wanna-be terrorists will be cropping up more and more in various corners of the world – including the United States, and they can kill people just like the professionals they are trying to emulate.

The British have had a continuing problem with fundamentalist Islamic immigrants. Indeed, some of the interviews on television with the leaders of these Muslim movements have indicated that they would rather see the imposition of harsh Islamic law than continue their lives under a democratic form of government. Yeah – they’re nuts, but they are crafty - not stupid.

These plots overseas only reinforce the need to do a better job of watching our borders. We also don’t need to tie the hands of law enforcement with an over-abundance of “political correctness”. The dangers to our lives and to our civilization are not only from outside our borders.

The enemy is here among us and only a fool would believe otherwise.

SFC Chuck Grist

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