Saturday, December 1, 2007

Read "The Advisor" from Iraq

I would encourage everyone to subscribe to "The Advisor", a PAO newsletter from Iraq. Go to this link to read the current issue:

To subscribe yourself, here is the contact information:

The Advisor Staff
MNSTC-I Public Affairs
Baghdad, Iraq
Email Address:

Good information from "the horse's mouth", so-to-speak...

SFC Chuck Grist


  1. For your situational awareness. The MNSTC-I Advisor is posted at;

    all issues from 2005-present. Subscriptions are still available from


  2. Dear Sergeant Charles Grist,
    Thank you for your dedication to our country, USA. You still look very strong and humble.I commend for your giving spirit. You may tell me that somebody must do it for the sake of our freedom, but only brave, strong, and generous people like you and your colleagues are willing to give up so much of their family (when far away from home), personal conveniences and other unpredicted daily challenges to keep the rest of us safer. We pray for you and all that you do today. Take care.
    Basil Pius, a native of Iraq
    Miles City MT. USA.

  3. Basil, thank you for your comment. I am proud of my service in Iraq and I was blessed to make many friends there. The Iraqi people are kind, gentle, and generous. Hopefully, they will take advantage of the freedoms they now have and turn Iraq into the land of prosperity and promise that it can be.

    Charles M. Grist