Friday, June 5, 2009

June 6th: The 65th Anniversary of D-Day

I once comforted a man in his 80's who became emotional when he talked about his brother who died at Normandy. The surviving brother also served in combat in World War II, and he came ashore at Anzio.

Please take time to remember the warriors from America's "greatest generation" who courageously stormed beaches that were fiercely defended by German soldiers. Say a prayer today for those who survived and for those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The following article from the Army Times talks about tomorrow's ceremonies in France:

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D-Day ceremonies to honor 65th anniversary

Army Times
Staff report
Posted : Friday Jun 5, 2009 15:49:27 EDT

Ceremonies commemorating the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of occupied France during World War II, will kick off in Normandy tomorrow.

Task Force 65, a group of about 800 U.S. soldiers, sailors and airmen from 20 Europe- and stateside-based commands, will participate in ceremonies throughout the Normandy coastal region of France, including events at Mont Saint Michel on Thursday, Utah Beach on Friday, Point du Hoc and Omaha Beach on Saturday — June 6, the actual anniversary of D—Day — and St. Mere Eglise on Sunday.

U.S. Army units participating in the ceremony include elements of the 18th Military Police Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and the 82d Airborne Division.

A French-sponsored airborne operation involving the French Army and paratroopers with the 101st and 82nd and more than 50 Army Reserve soldiers from numerous units will be held June 7 at Amfreville, a drop-zone site used by Allied forces on D-Day.

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God bless the veterans of D-Day and their comrades who gave their lives to begin the final destruction of the Nazi menace.

Charles M. Grist

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