Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Old Cop Stands Down

On this, my second day of retirement from the police department, I woke up at 3:30 AM in preparation for a day shift I no longer have to work. I guess it will take some time to adjust my sleep patterns.

Yesterday, Debbie and I met with the Chief and his command staff. I was given my retired identification card, my retired badge, my Glock handgun, and a nice display case with all my badges, ranks, awards, etc.

This morning, I went to the monthly breakfast of retired police officers from our agency. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel like I’m retired – only like I’m on vacation. After breakfast, I drove to the PD where I turned in all my uniforms, equipment, weapons, and other gear.

There are things I will miss about being a cop, but there are surely things I won’t miss. Here are a few of each:

* * *

Some of the things I’ll miss

Having coffee with my fellow squad members in the morning – including the jokes, the gripes, and the general good feeling of being with people I trust to watch my back;

The memorable arrests over many years of robbers, thieves, burglars, and other human predators in society who prey upon innocent people;

The opportunity to make little differences from day to day as you help people face and resolve some of their problems;

A few of those things I won’t miss

Department politics;

Twelve-hour shifts;

Dealing with petty thieves, punks, drug addicts, drunks, wise asses, professional transients (who love being transients), domestic violence calls, dead body calls, and a host of filthy, dirty, slimy situations involving people who just don’t get it.

* * *

Now I have to take a deep breath and discover what it’s like when you don’t have to punch a clock every day. After all, for the last 43 years it’s been either college, the Army, or work. Yes, I know I’m lucky to even have the chance to retire.

For me, it’s on to the next adventure – whatever that may turn out to be. I’ll also work on promoting the book, try to finish another one, and enjoy some carefree time with Debbie.

Stick around; this old man ain’t done yet……

Charles M. Grist


  1. Again and again - THANK YOU - you have given so much to all of us ---- now it is time for you and Debbie!!!

    And, we need more stories!

  2. Chuck,

    Congrats on the second retirement. Make the most of all the time you will have together with Debbie. Ok, enough rest,now get to work on the next book.

  3. Congratulations, big brother! I'm so proud of you!