Sunday, April 29, 2007

PFC Jeremy Drexler: A Mom Remembers Her Son

After I posted the information on the “They Have Names” website and the coin project of CJ at “A Soldier’s Perpective”, I received an email from Debbie Drexler in Berryton , Kansas, whose son, PFC Jeremy Drexler, was killed in action in Iraq in 2004. She was asking for information about the coin project.

I forwarded the email to CJ and received a follow-up from Mrs. Drexler. Her son is featured in numerous articles and a “Google” of Jeremy will tell a lot about this extraordinary young American.

Please read the following email excerpt from an American Mom who is still grieving for her son:

“..I wish that you could have known my wonderful son. He was so good – too good at times for his own good. Several times when he was living here, I would go to his home and see that the fridge and cabinets were bare a few days after I gave him food. He would feed everyone else. That was a period when our family was not making it ourselves, but I tried to help him.

Jeremy would help others with odd jobs, never accepting any money for doing them. I tried to teach my son to be a good person. Since times were so tough for him, he joined the Army to better his life and he was hoping to get the education promised by the Army. He never got that chance.

When his life was taken he lost everything: car, home and all his stuff. My other sons are currently serving their second enlistment in the Navy and Marines. They too went to Iraq for a period of time. Thank God they came back in one piece or I would have gone crazy!

I can’t seem to get my life together now with Jeremy gone. I don’t understand why we are at war, but we need to stop. No parent or spouse should have to bury their loved one. My sons are my world and now I have a big gaping hole in my heart that continues to bleed. Not one day goes by or one moment passes that I am not crying for him to come back to me. This coming week will be the third year.

Kansas does not do anything for their fallen soldiers like all the other states. I have begged them to treat my son and the others the same as they do the National Guard. They have given money and statues and passed a bill protecting the National Guard and have done nothing for the other branches. My son’s sacrifice is nothing to them. I have written to every Governor, Senator and state representative that I can think of and they just blow me off.

Here I go again bothering you with my woes. Sorry. Anyway, if anyone else would like paintings and drawings (of lost service members), there are a few artists out there that do it at no cost to the families. These people have blessed me more than you can imagine: Michael Reagan and Richard Budig. I can send you information on them if you want. Having these (drawings and paintings) helps me, so if it will help someone else to have one of their son, let them know.

Please take a few minutes some time and “Google” Jeremy’s name and read about him. I will take the coin and put it in our memorial area that I am creating in our home.”

Debbie Drexler

* * * *

As I am sure you can imagine, there were no dry eyes at my house. Mrs. Drexler’s email comments remind us once again that the families of our war casualties are also victims. Their feelings and opinions are important and they are also veterans of this war. It is the job of all Americans to do whatever we can to help them heal.

Debbie Drexler is an extraordinary American Mom. She has raised three sons who have stepped forward to serve in the war on terror. These young Americans – and their Mom - are all heroes.

SFC Chuck Grist


  1. Farewell, Jeremy, and Walk with God. We will keep Debbie in our prayers - only a few can understand her pain and sorrow, but all of us can care.

  2. Terrible but also moving, to raise 3 sons and have them all join the forces.. I don't know whether to feel pity for the lack of alternative employment for them or to wonder at their joint deceision to serve and protect their country.

    Either way my heart goes out to Jeremy's mother, I hope I never have to feel her pain, and also to his brothers,family and friends.

    God bless you all

  3. michelle connollyMay 4, 2012 at 3:59 AM

    It is now 5 yrs since Debbie posted her last post here. Jeremys KIA date just passed, May 2, 2004. It is now 2012. 8 years later. I have never met Jeremy or Debbie personally, but I know their story and it never leaves me. Debbie, please know that Jeremy is not forgotten. And please know that there are many of us working in the public to make sure that Jeremy, and all the others, are honored and remembered. They are our true Heros. Please find healing in our efforts to keep Jeremys honor alive.
    Michelle Connolly
    Severna Park MD

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