Saturday, April 21, 2007

"They Have Names" Memorial Project

Earlier this year I recalled one of the soldiers lost during my tour in Iraq (“Remembering Specialist Nichole M. Frye”). At the time I heard from CJ at “A Soldier’s Perspective” and he told me about a new project called “They Have Names”. This is a tremendous effort to make sure that the troops who have given their lives are never forgotten.

Right now CJ is working on Nichole Frye’s story and he is promoting a raffle to raise money for the site. You will see a link on the sidebar of this blog or you can click on “They Have Names” or “A Soldier’s Perspective”.

One of the goals is to provide memorial coins to the families of the fallen troops. You can see an example of what the coins would look like HERE. I’ll let CJ continue:

“I'm trying to raise at least $500, but the more I get the more coins I can obtain. We're raffling off two battle flags. The two battle flags were flown over FOB Warhorse, in Baqubah, Iraq. Each flag comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Colonel David Sutherland and the Brigade Sergeant Major. Tickets are only $7 or three for $20. Anyone wishing to purchase a ticket(s) is encouraged to use the donation links on They Have Names or A Soldier's Perspective.

Thanks again, Chuck. We gotta remember our brothers and sisters and ensure that America doesn't forget these heroes sacrificing everything they have for them, either.”

CJ Grisham
US Army

* * * *

I would encourage everyone to support CJ’s efforts and to add a link to both of these fascinating websites. Thanks.

SFC Chuck Grist

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  1. Chuck, Thanks for spreading the word about this project. I could write day and night, but the purpose behind it (telling their stories) wouldn't be met if no one knew about it. I appreciate the help in spreading the word. htt