Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remember Our Troops At Christmas

The above magazine cover appeared ninety-three years ago today. An American soldier is offering sustenance to a child in a foreign land, protecting her, and making it possible for her to live in freedom.

In Iraq, Afghanistan, and other lesser known battlefields throughout the world, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are standing guard, facing the enemy in combat, and protecting the innocent. Without the dedication, professionalism and sacrifice of these extraordinary warriors, it would not be possible to enjoy our own Christmas in peace and safety.

As we celebrate this holiday, giving gifts to those we care about or enjoying a festive holiday meal, remember our troops. Pray for their safety and for their safe return from harm's way.

Merry Christmas to all active troops, reserve and National Guard troops, military retirees and veterans, and to their friends and families.

Charles M. Grist

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