Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 37th Anniversary To My Wonderful Wife

I am truly blessed to have spent the last thirty-seven years married to my wonderful wife, Debbie. She has stood beside me through good times, bad times, and everything in-between. Four kids and five grandkids later, I am still the luckiest guy in the world.

It isn't easy to be married to a cop or to a soldier deployed to a war zone. She put up with many years of shift work when I wasn't home in the early morning hours or when I had to work on a holiday. During my active duty time during the War on Terror, she held the home front down, dealing with hurricanes and all sorts of things that we should have dealt with together.

Debbie remains my rock and the other half of my soul. I pray that we can share the next thirty-seven years together as well.

Happy anniversary, sweetheart....!


Charles M. Grist

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  1. Dick Winters will be missed. He gave so much for his country. However, touched the hearts of many. While I never met Dick, his courage has touched my heart.