Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Internet War On Terror - Beware: The Enemy May Try To "Friend" You

To those of you who enjoy social networks such as Facebook, may you heed this warning.

I recently received a “friend” request from a man in an apparent position of responsibility in Iran. Knowing that the use of sites like Facebook can be fatal in a dictatorship like the Islamic Republic of Iran, I researched the postings of this man.

One of the first things I found on his page was a video showing “Israeli Terrorism Against Palestinians.” The video appeared to show dozens of casualties, including men, women and children who had been killed or wounded – allegedly – by an Israeli attack.

Now I couldn’t find any video footage that showed Israeli civilians being murdered by Hamas rocket and mortar attacks. Nor did I see any mention that recent attacks by Israelis resulted from an endless bombardment by terrorists in the West Bank. Like all people, the citizens of Israel have the inherent right to self defense.

To the guy in Iran, the terrorists of Hamas, the fugitives of Al Qaeda, and to those who condone attacks against Israel or the United States, I suggest that you remember this very important lesson: If you wage war against us, we will seek our justice. Unlike you, we don’t try to harm the innocent. If your families are accidentally injured or killed because of the war you brought upon them, then their blood is on YOUR hands.

To my friends on the Internet, I say be careful. Don’t “friend” everyone who makes that request of you. In your desire to get along with the world, make sure you don’t invite the enemy to sit next to you in your very own living room….

Charles M. Grist

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