Sunday, December 17, 2006

2006: The New Way Forward

As I wait for my new orders calling me to active duty for the third time since September 11th, I have decided to try this "blog" stuff out.

During my tour in Iraq in 2004, I took a lot of photos and video, wrote a few op-ed pieces for the Orlando Sentinel and experienced my second war in over thirty years. I am an old soldier and first served in Vietnam. Being older and, presumably, a little wiser, I still find great satisfaction in serving my country as a soldier. I don't yet know if this mobilization will take me back overseas, but I have volunteered to serve on one of the training teams that will further prepare the Iraqis (or Afghanis) to take over the protection of their own countries. We shall see what transpires.

As soon as I figure out all the details of how to use this blog, I intend to add links to the home page of my 2004 protective service detail team, The Cobra Team. I will also endeavor to publish some photos and video clips of our adventures in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq.

Whether you support the war effort or not, continue to support your troops; they care so much about you and are risking their lives every moment of every day for you. Thanks for your support.

SFC Chuck Grist

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