Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Tyrant's End

The hanging of Saddam Hussein at the end of 2006 brings a long and horrendous era to a close. While there are those who may oppose capital punishment for moral reasons, it is a good thing that Hussein has joined his sons on the rock pile of Hell. Were he still alive, he would always be a rallying point for a few diehard Baathists who longed for a return to the days of power.

Now the Sunnis must re-evaluate their priorities. Their champion is gone and there will be no day in the future when he will either escape from jail or be pardoned by some future Iraqi administration.

We must hope that the “New Way Forward” being prepared by President Bush will push us quickly to the point where the Iraqis can take care of their own country with minimal outside assistance.

That is what we want, but that is also what the Iraqis want as well.

Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to those who are serving in harm’s way in the war on terror and to the families who are waiting for their safe return.

SFC Chuck Grist

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